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Busy day today.

Someone from work came over and took away a bunch of our boxes.

Damien came over with lunch and to see the house.  Stu and Damien talked for a couple of hours about work.

Then we went over to Damien's new place which was like going back in time to the seventies.  And we thought our house was bad.  Omigosh.  Orange glass.  Original shag pile carpet.  Original appliances.  It was all very amusing and needed to be documented :)

Did a big shopping run, since only did fruit and veg last weekend.  Have a fully stocked fridge again. 

Babysat Jake so Scott and Kerry could go to the movies.  Spent the evening remoting to work to fix a mail problem, and building a lego ferry while watching Mythbusters, Iron Chef and Rockwiz.

Then into work to move a few files off a c: drive on a server that was sending alerts every twenty minutes cause it was low on disk space.

So very very tired now..

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