Sunday a day late

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Urghh.  Sunday was tiring.

So we were out the door at 7:20 to be in town by 8 to pick up Rully for breakfast.  We toddled off to My Cafe in Manuka which was one of only a couple of places open so early.  Stu had French toast, and I had the mushrooms and capsicum on toast..

My Cafe

My Cafe

After breakfast we headed for the hills .. Red Hill in fact. Nice view, but looking into the sun..

View from Red Hill

Stu wanted to be friends with kangaroos..

Kangaroos on Red Hill

I don't think they wanted to be friends..

Kangaroos on Red Hill

There was even snow on the Brindabellas over Woden..

Snow on the Brindabellas

So by now it was mid morning, so we dropped Rully off and headed out to Yass for lunch. Which was very pleasant, and had a delicious lunch and Little Squishy was being very cute..

Little Squishy

And took a walk in the sun and photographed the flowers..

Wattle tree in bloom

Early cherry blossoms


So that was all very nice, but we didn't get home til after 5pm .. and so after having been out *all* day we were pretty exhausted. Felt like crawling into bed when we got home. But after *stopping* for a bit felt a bit better.

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