The weekend that was...

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With a flying visit to Sydney and Newcastle and probably eleven or twelve hours driving.  eep!

So set off mid morning yesterday and went straight to my Nana's 80th birthday celebrations.  It was.. .er... well it was interesting.. hrmm... kinda...
Nah it was good to see some of my aunties and uncles and cousins that I don't see very often.  But remind me never to get old.. :(

Nana 80th
My dad looked liked he actually belonged in the nursing home.. whatchathink? ;)
Dad asleep
First cousin with first cousin once removed :)
Lauren and Emma
So then we toddled off to George's brother's place for a good old-fashioned bonfire!  Was fantastic!




Underneath some of the logs were *glowing*!
And then back to J&G's where we did a slide show of 750 hastily assembled photos of our honeymoon (as in choosing only began around 10pm Friday night, and selections were made from thumbnails, so some were forgotten and a few not-so-good ones were included .. oh well...)

This morning we headed north, getting to Newcastle around lunch time.  Jan came over and we had lunch, and then did the slide show, take two. 

Aunties and Grandma
So a bit after three we headed for home.

What a very long weekend.. hrmm...

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