SANS vs the weekend

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So this week had me on a six day SANS security course.  It was pretty good.  Although it did vary too much between really technical stuff and more management-level stuff.

We saw this dude on the first day and asked him where he got his t-shirt from.. :) (apparently it was a one-off limited run - doh!)
I'm a photographer not a terrorist
We had the biggest room at the Convention Centre which gave us a nice walk up to get our food at breaks
Lights at the Convention Centre
So since I was going to be out most of Saturday, Stu invited Damien over for a war game.  I came home part way through it. Wargame middle

Wargame battle
So after the game Damien stayed for dinner (mmmm pizza) and we watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Today we attacked the weeds in the garden, and went to Scotty's for a lunch.  Whole family came long so that was all very nice.  Kerry did a spectacular roast, was yummmm.

Various kids, big and small
This afternoon I battled with Vista and mrtg and our router to try and get some pretty graphs of our networking.  Discovered that our router doesn't support snmp booooo :(  But did get vista working, so that was a start heh.  Of course this is with mrtg running on my old computer, so at some point will need to get it installed somewhere more useful..


Dave2 said:

Have fun storming the castle!

July 7, 2008 1:23 AM


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