Nice Sunday

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This morning we headed out into the freezing morning to go to Satis in Watson with DAB, Jo and Mandy.

Stu raved about how good the coffee was, but having to sit outside in the freezing cold wasn't much fun, even under the heater.

The others arrived and we moved to a table (still outside but at least not perched on little stools) and ordered brunch. I had a cheese and tomato toasted sandwich which was excellent..

Breakfast at Satis

and a side of "hash browns" that was somewhat unusual, but not too bad..

Hash browns at Satis

Stu had the granola, which he thought was very nice

Granola at Satis

The discussion was mostly political which I didn't find that interesting, but after I warmed up it was still a very pleasant outing.

Then we just did the food shopping and came home and pottered around the house for the rest of the afternoon. We're up to "I, Borg" in Star Trek.

oh, and I took these pics of some flowering jonquils yesterday..



oh, and this is how the sparrows get in.. they must slip on the smooth metal and fall in...


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