Frost and breakfast

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The last three mornings have had the coolest frosts here in Canberra.  I dug out my camera this morning and took a couple of snaps, before hastily hiding the camera from fellow commuters :)


This morning we decided to have a big-bang morning tea, which consisted of two kilos of bacon, two dozen eggs, 18 bread rolls, a packet of frozen hash browns and six litres of orange juice.

For nine people :)

Actually we did pretty well, having just a few eggs, three rolls and not much bacon left over.  And three litres of orange juice :) So we had that between 10:30 and 11:00.  And I didn't need to eat another thing.  All day.  In fact when Stu got home around 9:30pm I still hadn't eaten anything!

Big breakfast
Tonight after catching up on some Amazing Race episodes, we watched Love Actually til rather late.  I remember this was Fifi Box's favourite movie for a while and she'd seen it like ten times.  The first time I saw it I enjoyed it but didn't think *that* highly of it.  Then saw it again and appreciated it more.  And now I think it's rather a lovely movie, and tempted to get it on dvd...

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