Stuff achieved this weekend

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  • big kids entertained with fireworks
  • shopping done
  • walked around the neighbourhood
  • cooked a scrumptious roast chicken
  • Stu cooked a fantastic curry, with even better pears in a white wine/sugar sauce for dessert
  • washed the sheets as a result of an early morning very messy nose bleed
  • macquarium cleaned out and re-filled (with white gravel; note to self: a 4cm thick layer of polystyrene needs a lot of weighing down)
  • watched Million Dollar Baby
  • had subsequent weird dreams about having to accommodate dead-beat people in our house and not being able to stand it
  • watched some of "The Triumph of the Nerds" and rather enjoyed it (even if it is twelve years old now)
  • taught Stu to play Carcassonne with the game we got as a wedding present
  • narrowed down a short-list of photos from the honeymoon to send to people with thankyou notes
  • more flight photos located on Google Earth
  • upgraded Java and installed windows updates

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