The Negative

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We watched Serenity tonight after watching all of Firefly through (for me the third time).  I'd seen the movie after having only watched the pilot the first time.  But didn't enjoy it so much this time.  It didn't finish things off satisfactorily and it didn't have quite the same feel as the series and I just didn't like it as much.  Maybe that was just me.

But D was there and afterwards stated that he hated U2, and then said he liked the house but complained about the mess and why not get a cleaner.  Which just rubbed me the wrong way.  As it would anyone that's had a few drinks I'm sure.



Dave2 said:

I loved Serenity, and thought it did a pretty good job of wrapping things up (well, as much as they could given the time limit!). So yeah, I think it's just you. :-)

April 18, 2008 12:23 AM


gunzel412 said:

Anyone that is rude enough to complain about a house that they are a guest in should never be welcomed back.

April 18, 2008 1:01 AM


Kevin Spencer said:

I loved Firefly so much and was really bummed that it only lasted one season. Serenity was good, but I too thought that it wasn't quite the same somehow. There is only so much you can stuff into a movie to wrap things up. I would have loved for the "wrap up" to be spread over two movies. Hell, I would have loved for Firely to continue and forget about the movies altogether ;-)

April 18, 2008 3:11 AM


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