Weekend Away

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So Friday afternoon, we all meandered down to the coast. (If you're reading this in Google feed reader you might want to jump to the page as the page goes a bit screwy with the way MT4 does things..)

Trees alongside the highway (King's Highway??)

Forest by the Kings Highway

We arrived with enough time to wander down to the beach to play in the sand.

Sunset over Long Beach

Stu and I on Long Beach

When we got back to the flat there were kangaroos in the front yard

Kangaroos in our front yard

Kerry cooked a nice stir fry for dinner, and we drank beer.

Saturday morning saw Kerry up before dawn to get photos of the sunrise.

Sunrise over Long Beach

Sunrise over Long Beach

And this nice shot of a seagull.

Seagull on Long Beach

The flat has a bird feeder and visitors are encouraged to feed the birds.
So we did.
There were lots of birds.

Rainbow Lorikeets

After breakfast we all drove up to Myrtle Beach. It's a nice walk to the beach..

Forest on the way to Myrtle Beach

And we saw this cool lizard looking at us and catching ants.

Lizard on the way to Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach.. covered in seaweed.

Myrtle Beach NSW

Unfortunately it was very rough, so we couldn't really swim there. So we went back to Maloney's Beach. Had a nice swim there. Saw this nifty hexagon-shaped house on the way back..

Hexagon House

This is the view from the flat.. nice huh? :)

View from our flat

After unhealthy lunch of fish and chips, we headed down to the beach again.

Tollgate Islands

Saw this.. thought it was a spider pushing a bug, but it was a bug dragging a spider!

Bug dragging spider

Found a sand worm in the sand (strangely enough!)

Sand worm

And dug a big hole for Jake to play in.

Sand hole

Kerry and I went for a walk up to the end of the beach.

Rocks at the end of Long Beach

Seagull footprints

There were more birds back at the flat.


Crimson Rosella

Kerry cooked dinner again Saturday night, this time pasta. And we drank beer.

Sunday morning still more birds. The most so far.

Bower bird


Juvenile King Parrot

Rainbow Lorikeet

Juvenile King Parrot closeup

King Parrot

After bacon and eggs for brekky, we went up to the end of Long Beach again to go snorkelling, but couldn't see a thing due to all the crap in the water from the onshore wind.

But Scotty caught a couple of fish, which he let go.

Scotty with a fish

And we dug another hole for Jake.

Jake in a hole

And then we came home.

A very pleasant and relaxing weekend. And cheap too - the place was only $85/night which we split between two families. Definitely need to go more often wethinks.

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