Ups and Downs

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Bit of a topsy turvy emotional day today. Got ready and drove to Sydney, stopping at Goulburn for lunch. Then did a drive-by of my old unit. Stocked up on fish food at the pet store near my house (which is about half the price of Jem Aquatics). Visited the local servo to say hello and refuel.

Then onto uni for afternoon tea. They'd all basically knocked off for the day, and Jodi and Jim came to visit and I got very sad that I'd had to leave the place. Stu even said that the work environment seemed even *too* good. Anyway so I was a bit delicate after that.

Trekked north to James & George's, anticipating horror traffic but instead got a dream run. Then the boys upset me by their lack of sympathy over my vista dramas. Sigh. Boys suck sometimes. Then had dinner which was very nice, and played a game of Roborally. I've played that game once, maybe twice, but like ten years ago. I remember it being fun then, and it was fun this time too. I actually even won, but it was pretty close.

Very late, bed time.

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