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I've been playing a lot of Hearts in the past few weeks. Not sure why. Probably because my todo lists are so long and overwhelming that I think I'll just play another game and avoid thinking about things for a while longer.

Today, on Boing Boing I think, I found this cool game - Chat Noir. The idea is to surround the kitty so it doesn't run away off the screen. Quite addictive, you have been warned :)

I got the Christmas tree put up today. Doing this required boxing up some of Stu's books to put into storage, tidying up that corner of the lounge room, and vacuuming. We also did a big grocery shop, and had lunch out.

Yesterday was the first of several work Christmas parties. I got appropriately sozzled (the last two drinks I wasn't planning on tho, honest ;) ). It was a pleasant enough afternoon. Then met up with Stu and we went to Damien's and then out to dinner at the Dumpling Inn. Great food - their shredded beef Peking style is unreal, and watched all the lightning out the window. Had ice cream at Damien's while er.. enjoyed.. a bit of a hangover headache. Oops.


Sue said:

I saw that game on one of my regular blogs, a guy named Laoch posted it. I was glued to it for hours, but I managed to trap the kitty several times!

December 6, 2007 6:11 AM


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