There's pork roasting above me...

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So we went to the doctor yesterday. He took one look at my throat and said, yep that looks bacterial, and prescribed me some antibiotics. Within 24 hours the sore throat has almost gone. I also now experience the joyful side-effects of the antibiotics - runny poo! But I can handle that to be able to swallow again.

In the afternoon yesterday we went shopping for a fish tank, as they are inheriting a big angel fish, and don't really have a tank appropriate for it. So they found one they liked, and David played a good game of tetris getting it and the stand into his car. Then we all varnished it. Even the kids. There should be some photos of us all at it heh. It'll need another coat though.

Dinner was lots of evil pizza, followed by Name That Tune 80s and Buzz Hollywood. Then the others piked and David and I did much of Sing Star 80s. He of course won most of the songs, but I did beat him in one or two.

This morning we did take two on attempting to get to Ascot Provisions, this time succeeding. They've changed their kranskys which is a bit sad. Then wandered up to Sandgate to almost get blown into Moreton Bay. Then to pick up some supplies for tonight and tomorrow.

But right now there is a leg of pork roasting away, and I can smell it from down here... can't wait... :)

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