Christmas - Part I

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So Saturday .. was that yesterday? Seems so long ago..

Got up and got ourselves ready before heading to Parramatta Park for Jake's wedding reception thingie. Was quite pleasant, and the food was fantastic. It threatened to rain for most of the afternoon but held off until near the end. Not that it mattered much, being under one of the nice big pavilions.

Profiterole cake

Wandered back to James and George's for a bit of a sleep. After dinner we all played another game of RoboRally. This time Stu won, after a hard battle for the second flag, the rest of the game was fairly easy.

RoboRally ending

We went to bed *very* late (even Josh stayed up til after midnight). So we were a bit tired this morning. Said goodbye, then trekked the entire way across Sydney to my parents place for lunch.

Me in the Bah Humbug hat

Bah Humbug

Stu and me (laughing at my brother baring his chest to make us smile)

Stu and me

The cockatoos are multiplying


On the way home we came across these poor people who had overturned their car and caravan. Ruining their holiday fairly decidedly. That purple car with a P-plate is an unmarked police car .. is that even legal..??

Accident Hume Highway

Stu decided to take a scenic route home, so we went down the left side of Lake George, through Tarago. It was very pretty.

Tarago drive

Smith's Gap coming up the end of Lake George

Smith's Gap

This is one of the Christmas presents I got today - a Rubiks mega cube. I'm dreading mucking it up, because I don't think it'll ever go back together again..

Rubiks mega cube

After our dinner we went for a drive to see some Christmas lights. Firstly in Gungahlin

Lights Gungahlin

And then Amagula Ave, Ngunnawal, as recommended in the Riot Act. Truly spectacular!

Amagula Ave Lights

The whole front room of the house was converted into these little displays

Amagula Ave Lights

My tree at home doesn't look nearly so exciting now

Tree 2007

I still like my study lights tho...

Study lights


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