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Last night Natalie came over for pizza.

We drank.

A lot.

More than I've drunk in a while actually. Between the three of us we got through half a bottle of cointreau, half a bottle of vodka, a bottle of wine and goodness knows how much cognac.

And the pizzas were good too (I made them myself).

Somehow When Harry Met Sally came up in conversation (I think in relation to the whole thing about "men and women can never be friends because the sex part always gets in the way". Well the others had never seen it, so we put it on and it was fun, I think they enjoyed it.

I also found someone else who likes Tetrinet!! We had a few drunken games. Would have been fun to fire up another computer and have a three-way game. Maybe next time.

So yeah this morning we suffered. Not helped by TTotM hitting hard at 6am :(

So we had a quiet day today. Really didn't get anything done. Had some nice salmon for dinner and watched The Phantom Menace. That movie truly had some painful stuff in it :( We really must see if we can find the Phantom Edit...

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