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Well didn't really get any cleaning done today, but did get quite a bit of sorting and tidying done.

A dude came to replace the smoke detector, so I can rent out this place legally now. My mum braved the 37° heat and came from the station to pick up some of the things I forgot to take over last night. The study floor is bare. The living room floor is bare. All my Lego (except a few bits I forgot) is all packed away. The main thing left to work on is the perimeter of the study which still has piles of stuff that needs to be sorted. Even convinced a freecycler dude to take both MMX 233s (he only wanted one). So only my original Pentium 166 (conspiracy) to chuck out. Will take it to the parents for whenever the next council cleanup is. Took my 486 to their place last night.. I paid $1400 for that computer and really only used it for a year or so before paying another $1400 to get the P166. And they'll both be thrown out at the same time 11-12 years later... *sad*

I think I might have more meals to be eaten than I have food in the freezer so that's a good thing (although I might have to have a couple of veggie-only meals :) ).

Definitely cleaning day tomorrow....

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