Lord Howe Island - Day 7

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Our last day was a bit of a nothing day.

We got up and got ready, packed everything up, paid the bill, and moved our stuff to the games room.

Headed down to Humpty Mick's for a long big breakfast, then came back and played some pool in the games room.

Irises at the airport

Around 11:30am they took us to the airport. For a 3pm flight. (!!) Even though the dude made two separate other trips to the airport that we could have come along with. Oh well. We watched two other flights come and go.

Qantas Dash 8 taking off from Lord Howe Island

Apparently at least one of them was to Sydney. Even though the booking dude had said the day before that our one was the first Sydney flight. sigh. After finally checking in, we went for a walk down to the lagoon.

And then it was onto the plane and home. It was rainy and cloudy so the takeoff wasn't very exciting.

Lord Howe Island from the air

Pretty clouds over the Tasman Sea

And we came straight in from the south on the main runway so the landing was even less exciting.

Botany Bay

Then a mission to get to my parents place. Walked straight onto a 400, but *just* missed the train at Rockdale, so a half hour wait. When we'd been there twenty-five minutes, they announced our train was leaving from the other platform, so it was up and over. Then that train got terminated at Hurstville. So it took an hour and a half to do what should have been a half hour trip.

Dinner was a nice roast beef. Showed the parents the photos on the laptop. Then it was home. Except "going home" from my parents which usually takes fifteen minutes, took three hours. Still doesn't really feel like home though.....

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