Lord Howe Island - Day 6

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Another morning, another coffee at Humpty Mick's :) Stu is impressed that he can get such good coffee, and wishes it was this easy to get near his work.

We decided to buy a couple of postcards to send to our works, so got those, then wrote them and went to the little post office to send them. In the back room were a whole pile of boxes with the same address on them. I asked the postie if someone was moving house via post, and she said basically yes - Australia Post is cheaper than other methods of freighting stuff.. scary!

Stopped at the old cemetary to have a look.

Stu looking at the old graves

Next biked it around to Blinky Beach. It was quite windy and a bit rough.

Flowers at Blinky Beach

Windsock for the airport

As we walked down the beach we saw dozens of sooty terns squawking and hovering.

The Birds!

As we got closer we saw two rangers putting up barriers. heh. (later we read that in previous years they've tried to discourage them from nesting there due to them being in the flight path and all).

This sooty tern was getting quite agitated with Stu

Wandered back, and went to the museum for a milkshake and to check our mail.

Then back here for lunch of leftover bbq chickie. Had a bit of a rest too.

Decided to brave the winds and blustery weather and go for a final snorkel at Ned's Beach. It was really freaky when the really big kingfish swum past.. they're as big as me and look like sharks when they pop up next to you. Had a good look at the coral and fish, even though there was no sun. I even saw a turtle! It was swimming very fast though, and only glimpsed it. When we were almost frozen we came back for a long hot shower.

For our last dinner we decided to go to Pandanus. It was quite expensive, but the food was very very good. I had a steak and Stu had a mushroom and bacon lasagna. We also had some polenta chips. It was all delicious.

After dinner we decided to try our luck with the uncertain skies and walk home. We went via the mutton birds, but it was very dark with clouds blocking the full moon, so only saw one bird on the road.

Going home tomorrow.....

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