Lord Howe Island - Day 5

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This morning we decided to have breakfast at Humpty Mick's - bacon and eggs yummmmm.

Had a meandering morning, wandering down to the Environmental Tours mob to go on a glass-bottom boat tour. They took us to a couple of the "holes" in the lagoon. The dude fed some fish at one point which caused somewhat of a frenzy. When we go out further we got to go snorkelling with lots and lots of fish, and lots of very pretty coral. Well worth doing.

Glass bottom boat tour

Fish feeding frenzy

Came back and picked up our bbq chook for lunch.

Had a bit of a rest. We were going to go out snorkelling again at Ned's Beach, but I was not feeling like getting cold and wet, so we decided to just wade in and feed the fish. Got some pretty cool photos of them.

Feeding the fish at Ned's Beach - those Kingfish are enormous!

Feeding the fish at Ned's Beach

We ran into Sue and Keith again and we all wandered up the beach to see the sooty terns. So much fun those little birds.

Agro Sooty Tern

As we were wandering back I saw a sooty tern hobbling up the beach looking not too healthy. I went over to it and it didn't fly away, so I picked it up. It was trailing its right wing and was quite weak. Decided we couldn't leave it there to starve to death, so decided to take it back to civilisation to see if someone could take care of it. Part way up the road we found a couple in their ute, who turned out to be locals, and they said they knew where it could be taken, and said they'd take it for me. So hope it'll be all right. Or if not, it could at least be put down quickly.

At this point I have to mention Stu's pun .. he said the dude I gave the Sooty Tern to probably used it to make sausages - he took a tern for the wurst .. get it?? ;)

Mt Gower and Mt Lidgbird in the setting sun

Went to have a look at the sunset, but there were too many clouds, so it was back to watch the mutton birds come in. Lots of fun. Got to touch a couple of them. So soft!

Mutton bird

Yet another meal at Humpty Mick's - this time the Jaques Del Mer pizza, with a great big salad. Was all very delicious.

And so ends another day.

Oh, one tragic thing about today - the arrival of the A380 in Sydney for its first commercial flight for Singapore Airlines. This is one really sucky thing about living in Canberra - not getting to see this sort of thing. Not that I could have seen it even if I had been living in Sydney, being off the mainland and all. They're doing daily flights from Monday, by which time I'll have gone home - doh!

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