Lord Howe Island - Day 4

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Today was another mission to torture Stu ...

First we made our morning pilgrimage to Humpty Mick's for coffee.

Then we got ready and headed up to Malabar. It was a tough (hot) as I remembered it. But the view at the top was the whole point of going, and it didn't disappoint.

View of Lord Howe Island from Malabar

Had some morning tea there, next a nesting Sooty Tern, which we wouldn't have even known was there had it not squawked at us.

Sooty Tern in front of the Admiralty Islands

Then headed across the top to Kim's lookout where we had lunch.

Lord Howe Island from Kim's Lookout

Finally started down the hill and back to civilisation.

View over Old Settlement Beach

Had a bit of a break and did a load of washing.

After the rest we biked over to Old Settlement Beach to go snorkelling. There is a deep gouge in the bay where coral grows and fish congregate. These cute little black fish were curious and came up and nibble on our fingers. There were tonnes of other awesome fish. We also saw numerous butterfly? lion? fish, two stingrays, and probably the highlight - a huge sea turtle. It was seriously as big as my body. Stu saw it first and we swam behind it for a while. Exceedingly cool. After I started getting numb fingers we headed back.

For dinner we decided to go to Garden Court up the hill. We had sizzling pepper beef and satay chicken and nasi goreng (to keep the rabbits out) and it was all delicious. Oh yeah, the entire caraffe of wine..! The waitress was the same one from the Coral Cafe at the museum the other day. Pretty funny, but she was lovely.

Obligatory Blogography t-shirt shot :)

The dude that took us back here took us down to Ned's Beach to see the mutton birds all over the road, so I got out and touched one, very cool :) Came back thinking we might get to see House on Imparja (they mix channel 9 and 10 - outback television), but they were showing "The Farmer Wants a Wife".. oh well. Saw some of the New Inventors though.

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