Lord Howe Island - Day 2

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Well woke up and it was all cloudy, so lay in bed for another hour or two.

Eventually we got up and had breakfast, then went down to Humpty Mick's for a coffee. Then we wandered up towards Old Settlement Beach and had a look at the Catalina crash site, and said hello to all the cows.

Catalina engine on Lord Howe Island

Wandered down to the beach and decided we wanted to come back to do some snorkelling later. Then went up to a bit of a headland which has a nice view of the lagoon and a little park area.

Flowers by the lagoon

Went on a mission to Joy's Store to gather supplies and wandered back to our room to have lunch.

You cycle everywhere on Lord Howe Island

Then it was on to the base of Mt Lidgbird to do the Goathouse walk.

Via a nice view of the lagoon..

Lord Howe Island

Oh. My. Goodness.

It was very hard work. We got very hot. And sweaty. Took about two hours of intense and not so intense climbing, some of it with ropes.

Cool looking tree roots

Ropes up the side of the cliff

The view from the top was pretty impressive. Although Stu didn't go to the Goathouse itself as it was literally on the side of a cliff. Took a whole stack of photos.

View from the Goathouse on Lord Howe Island

Ropes on the side of Mt Lidgbird

Then headed back down again. On the way down we got some cool photos of some woodhens. One of them was happy to scratch around us, letting us take lots of photos.

Lord Howe Island Woodhen

Just when we thought it was all over, we still had a half hour bike ride back :( I actually stopped on the way back to take some sunset photos.

Sunset over the lagoon

Sunset over the lagoon

Then it was off to dinner, once again at Humpty Mick's. We still haven't been anywhere else :) I had a vegie lasagna (I was having veggie cravings) and Stu had salt and pepper squid. We also had a couple of beers each. It was all very yummy. Then back here to crash.

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