Lord Howe Island - Day 1

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So our day started *very* early. We were up at 5am for a 7am flight - ouch!

Stu waiting in front of our plane

We caught a little Dash 8 100. The plane wasn't full, and was a bit late because they'd decided to use a different plane. We were in the second back row (eight of nine). So the flight was relatively unevenful. But when we came into land we circumnavigated the island anticlockwise. And we were on the right side of the plane. I really really should have swapped sides and taken the unoccupied seat on the other side of the plane. I didn't. I was stupid. Bumheadfull. So that was very upsetting. Can't believe I didn't do it. *sigh*

So we got picked up by a minivan from Blue Lagoon and had a mini tour of the island. Our room is very nice. It's quite basic, but it's relatively modern and spacious.

Our room at the Blue Lagoon

We had a look through the island information and then went for a walk down to the lagoon.

Lord Howe Island postcard image

Walking around some of the rocks we found a little puddle of water with some baby fish and crabs in it. There were some catfish-looking fish, and some cute little green fish about 4cm long.

Mystery fish

On the way back we got some lunch - toasted sandwiches from Humpty Mick's. After lunch we went on a mission to find our bikes. In the grounds of the resort we saw a Lord Howe Island Woodhen!!! Too cool! It was just scratching around under the palms. Then the bike dude came and we hired a couple of bikes.

First order of business was a trip to Ned's beach to go snorkelling and feed the fish. There were plenty of sand mullet, but heaps of bigger fish too. It was amazing to swim with them. We also swam over some of the reefs to see other tropical fish. After feeding and touching the fish, we went for a walk down the beach and found plenty of sooty terns nesting with their eggs on the ground. Entirely too cool.

Then it was back here for a shower and an afternoon siesta, before heading out to watch the sunset (it was a bit too cloudy) and then watch the mutton birds come into land. Absolutely crazy.

Next to find some dinner. We first tried Garden Court at Lorhiti, but it wasn't open Sundays, so ended up getting a pizza from Humpty Mick's. It was a really good pizza (Leiutenant Henry) but I've got salad/veggie cravings now..

After dinner we went to Ned's Beach to see the mutton birds come into land. While brilliant in the air, they're not to good at landings. They kinda skid to a halt then skidaddle off into the bush. Quite amusing to watch.

Mutton bird

My blackberry is a brick here. There is no mobile phone coverage. There are no phones in our rooms. Apparently there is an internet cafe somewhere. We really are cut off from the world.. woot!

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