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So Friday the removalists showed up and did a dropoff of stuff here, then we all trundled along to the storage place where they dropped everything else off. Had a good game of tetris getting it all in.

Saturday went out for breakfast and shopping. Spent the afternoon organising.

Sunday was lunch at Scotty's and dinner at a work colleague of Stu. Damien brought pictures of his recent Turkey trip.

Today I finally made the spare bed (literally), as well as put sheets on it. Put the two spare single bed matresses under it, and found three Veriton boxes fitted perfectly as well, so filled those with single and double bed linen, clearing enough space in the linen cupboard to get that pretty well organised. Then it was onto the kitchen, where my mission was to get the entire contents of my pantry into Stu's already full pantry. Spent most of the day on it. Got almost everything in, and it all looks very pretty now...

Pretty Pantry

Cooked turkey steaks with fried onion, zucchini and bell capsicum. Was very yummy. Prolly used a bit too much oil tho.. oh well...

And Vista still sux...

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