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Had a fairly peopley weekend.

Saturday D&Y came over and we wandered up to get coffee and breakfast. Then back here for lunch hehe. Managed to offload some more of my bits and pieces on them .. woot! heh

Saturday night was at L&L's for dinner and wine and a game of Cranium. The boys weren't overly impressed but Lizzi and I had fun :)

Sunday was cafe church, and somehow we lucked out and got a massive platter of cheeses. Quiet afternoon, watched Star Trek III. Then packed up my tetties and their tank and sent them down to Canberra with Stu. Was sad to see them go because I'd had that tank setup for four years. Still, I think it has "old tank syndrome" - ie, nothing I put in it lasts very long. It's had a very thorough gravel vac now so hopefully that should improve things a bit. Then went to Marylon's for a yummy lamb roast.

And suddenly the weekend is over :(:(

(Google Maps - Miscellaneous Edition answers in extended post.. with an even worse response than last week.. *sigh*)

1) Chernobyl
2) Arecibo radio telescope
3) The Sphynx (and surrounds), Egypt
4) Machu Pichu
5) USA-Mexico border at Tijuana
6) Diamond Head crater, Hawaii
7) London Eye
8) St. Louis Arch
9) Cape Canaveral
10) Exactly how Dave answered: That really cool hotel in Dubai (Burj Al Arab?).


Missy said:

I glanced at the pictures very quickly, but was too busy with my class to really study them. That being said, I can't believe I didn't instantly recognize the London Eye and the Arch! I've never seen the Eye in person, but I've seen the Arch lots and lots. Keep up the fun work!

June 28, 2007 12:52 AM


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