Long Weekend

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So a nice long weekend with the boy up here.

Watched some VM season 3 on Friday night.

Saturday it rained. So, foolishly, we went out it in for several hours. To Bunnings and a couple of fish shops. Had thoroughly had enough by the end of it. Came home and recovered for a while before going to my parents' for dinner (there was roast pork on offer, how could we refuse? :) ).

Sunday I dragged Stu out of bed at 7am to go see the 707. Then we watched videos and pottered. The weather had cleared somewhat by the afternoon, so we went for a walk to a "lookout" I'd never been to. Then wandered over to J&G's where many others had also gathered. Stu and I cooked the dinner on the barbie (hiding from the hoardes of people you see ;) ), and after dinner played Emporer/Scum which was fun and then Killer Bunnies, which I found to be rather pointless - over complicated and confusing and yet boring at the same time. Got home quite late.

This morning slept late, then meandered into town to have a wander around Surry Hills. Wandered up and down Crown St to see some places relevant to Stu's family, then had a delicious lunch at the Trinity Bar and Bistro. I had a fantastic caesar salad and Stu had a delicious duck thing. Then it was back here to pack up Fred and send him with Stu down to Canberra.


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