Have I ever mentioned that my little brother rocks?

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Well he does :)
He replaced a bunch of taps tonight. Had problems with a few of them so couldn't replace those. Oh well. But the general situation is much more betterer than it was :)

Did some roasted lamb shanks for D&Y for dinner, which was yummy, I thought.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. Was going to go to the beach this morning but we'd both had bad nights sleeps, and Stu was feeling ill from all the refined flour he ate last night, so we just stayed in. Had a dip in the pool which was very refreshing. Then had a siesta cause we were both so wasted. Went for a little walk to the dive shop and got a snorkel and goggles to replace my ancient cheapie ones.

So generally quite a nice day :) But I'm thoroughly exhausted and can't wait to collapse into bed.

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