The rest of the weekend (in pictures)

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So after helping move, we wandered back to Stu's where we rested for a bit, then went and hunt and gathered some food for dinner (kangaroo and some fried veggies, very yum). Then we went for a walk to the top of a hill, with the intention of looking at the comet again. While we waited I took photos of crap.


But it just so happened that we were also in time for the Australia Day fireworks. Which we watched and I attempted to take photos, playing with exposure settings, being too distant to get anything worthwhile. But then the scheduled F-111 "dump and burn" happened. I snapped the shutter without having time to change my last setting - a 10 second exposure - oops! But it did make for a fairly spectacular photo..


After the fireworks, there was a mass exodus of people off Mt Ainslee. Which in itself was amusing..


And then I went back to taking pics of comets and Southern Crosses and the like..



On Saturday morning (gosh it feels like forever ago), we met up with Damien for brunch at Carlo's in Watson. There were so many yummy things on the menu I didn't know what to pic heh. Then we headed over to Cancon. Well the boys had fun. I played solitaire.. ;)







Stu cooked a yummy stir fry for dinner, then Scotty came over and we watched "Mallrats". Talk about a waste of space movie.. lol

Today we wandered over to Annie & Stu's for lunch, then back here for a scrumptious lamb roast for dinner.

And now my weekend is over :(



delmer said:

That's quite a collection of Hero Clicks. My kids get them from the comic book shop just about a block from us.

January 31, 2007 2:30 PM


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