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So. The weekend. Had the boy here which was lovely as always.

Saturday was a very quiet one, we just went for a little walk to the shops to get some food and the paper, but otherwise didn't do anything much.

Sunday was also fairly quiet, going to Bunnings to try and find some new taps. Got one set, but they didn't have any more, and failed at our attempts to install them because we couldn't get the plastic thingie off the metal thingie. WD-40 *may* help, but I don't have any. So that was a bit of a failure. Sunday night we went to Alan and Marylon's for some fizzling and Alan's famous beef stew. Also some lovely cake that George made (for our engagement) and some divine cheesecake that Angela made (for her birthday). Had a breakdown when I got home cause my mouse wouldn't work and it was dark and I couldn't make it work and eventually had to reboot. Sigh.

Monday Arian and the girls came over for an early lunch (platter of cheeses, salami sticks and veggies with dressing-dip - yummo!) and then we went off the Nasho Park for a swim. It was exceedingly pleasant - so much so that we stayed a lot longer than we planned, and as a consequence all got sunburnt. Well except Arian who applied so much sunscreen she looked like she'd been painted white hehe :) As we got home so late, Stu decided not to drive home tonight, so I have him for another night yayyyy :) Well another couple of hours really. We had an instant roast pork dinner I scraped together from various leftovers, and even had some crackling.

And now time for an early night in preparation for a *very* early morning tomorrow...


Arian said:

I didn't *mean* to put that much sunscreen on... it's just that I got wet before realising I'd missed some parts of me, and I was then incautious enough to try fixing that without drying myself again first. Note to self: sunscreen doesn't rub into wet skin *at all*.

January 21, 2007 10:55 PM


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