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I really need to keep up to date .. Suddenly I'm three days behind :(
My year in review post didn't get put into the December archive entry. Flipping MT. Here it is in case you're reading the archives in future :)

New Years Eve during the day we went out for yum cha, then went down to the Nasho Park and went for a swim. It was very pleasant, although I did manage to burn the tops of my feet where I'd missed putting sunscreen on - oops. After a quick shower, we went over to James & George's to play games. First up, Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, which Josh won. I trailed badly for most of the game and it was all very frustrating, but then I got three wedges in the one single round and actually ended up in second position, go figure. Had a lovely bbq for dinner - you can never have too much bacon! hehe. Next we played Ticket to Ride Europe which James won, then Acronymia which James also won, and finally Up The River Down the River which I won. So that was all fun (if a bit stressful at times heh), and then we watched the midnight fireworks on telly (what happened to Mr Wilkins??) and went home.

New Years Day was rainy so we went out for brunch then came home and just spent some time together. And then he went home :( Sadness.

Dreaded going back to work. Spent all morning just trying to catch up on my inbox. Then tackled the two servers. One is on hold now waiting for the dude to get back to me. The other is on hold waiting for the network to be setup (it was supposed to be but isn't). I can sense much more pain to come with it though. <snip>

Can I go home now?

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