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Last night was awful. Woke up at 2am to the sound of a mosquito buzzing around. And couldn't get back to sleep. For nearly three hours. Flipping restless legs, mosquitos, hunger, heat. It was just a disaster.

Today was slow as a consequence, didn't get much done. Then was patching servers, and one decided not to actually reboot. It stopped all its services, but then just sat there. So had to go in and kick the flipping thing. I have better things to do on my Saturday evenings that driving into work to kick servers. Ok not that much better - but I did have some fish I wanted to cook for dinner, and that turned out nicely which made for a pleasant change from the rest of the day.

Then I was playing with my new scanner which Stu got me for Christmas (a Canon 8400F), which is a way-cool scanner - except that it's so sensitive it scans the actual grain of the photo. So it looks as if the photo has a dried layer of dirty liquid all over it. The CanoScan toolbox which is what I've been using for other things because it's much quicker and easier to use than the Scan Gear CS utility doesn't have any grain removal options. The scan gear utility does, but requires tonnes of extra clicks just to save one picture, and would be too painful for scanning hundreds of photos. So that's all very depressing.

Dunno if I'm gonna sleep tonight. It was 30C and 40% humidity at 5pm. The study hasn't cooled down at all (the study never does - my min/max thermometer hasn't moved more than three degrees since I got the thing a week ago). Maybe I'll have more luck in my bedroom. If the mozzie doesn't come back - it's been there three out of the last four nights, the little bastard :(


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