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Day started off ok. Then I got to work and it went downhill. People going through my stuff, taking bits and then losing them really *really* pisses me off.

Otherwise it was generally a slow day. Moved a server across the road. Well the user did really. I supervised :)

Driving along behind this dude this arvo .. dude, you are so not suave.


Sarah is leaving cia :( It was bad enough when Campbell left, now it's going to be even harder to go..

My angel keeps laying eggs.. I wonder if she's hoping they'll hatch without a boy. She gets really agro at me whenever I come near the tank. Very funny.


Council cleanup came and went today. A lot of the stuff I put out got taken beforehand though, so that was cool. I saw a dude walking off with the CRT anti-glare screens last night, so glad they went.

And the Christmas funny of the day:


And finally, there's a cool doco on SBS right now about spam. Taping it so Stu and I can watch it later.

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