In Praise of Slow

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Had a couple of slow days. I can't even remember what we did yesterday. Not a whole lot. Had pizza for dinner, I remember that much, because I wanted a copy of Scene It. Today even more nothing, only going out for lunch/to buy dinner. Which Stu cooked - mullet fillets and veggies, very yummy. Stu is watching American Splendour. I started watching it, but had the feeling I'd seen it before and didn't have the patience to sit through it again. .. edit - have seen it before - in 2004!

Oh I remember what we did yesterday. Went to work to change tapes. Also wandered down to La Perouse to have a look around.

Sometimes you need the quiet days....


Yvonne said:

We have Scene It at RI. I can bring it up if you wanna borrow it to play.

December 31, 2006 10:05 AM


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