Freecycle let me down

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So I left it a little late (like 2pm today), but I put up a big notice on three Sydney freecycle groups with a whole *stack* of stuff, and said come by the garage tomorrow and take what you want. Well the South Sydney one posted my thing, although only two responses for it so far. The Central one said "you can't do open garages, you have to allocate specific things to specific people" (like wtf??) so I posted again straight away changing the wording, but they ignored that one; and the East one hasn't posted anything at all. What a bunch of tossers. Council cleanup is on Monday so I wanted to put stuff out that was leftover, but I can't bear to throw out stuff that people might want. So now I'm stuck and pissed off at the whole thing.

Everything I have (and some more not there) is here. Anyone want anything?


yvonne said:

Dave will probably want your cables You can (If ya want) bring to work???

Hmm he wants the computer thingies/bit and wacchamacallits...and doodads

December 16, 2006 10:25 PM


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