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So after a very pleasant Saturday, we had a bit of a hot Sunday. Starting at 7am when Jakey decided it was time to be up. Mind you, it then took three hours to get out of the flat heh. So we wandered down to Mogo zoo, which was not too bad, but a bit depressing to see all the monkeys and big cats caged up and bored. Got some good photos, and lots of mediocre ones. Bars and cages make it almost impossible to photograph things behind them. Not to mention we were there right in the middle of a hot summers day, when all the sensible animals were sleeping. Only us silly Homo sapiens were really out and about. The zoo's star attraction at the moment is a pair of white lions, with two white cubs. *Very* cool.

Had a slightly late lunch at the Scottish Restaurant before heading back to Stu's place. And withered in the heat. For some reason it really got to me. We watched Wag the Dog and I just sweltered. Even a cold shower didn't help much. Didn't really cool down until I'd been lying in front of the fan in bed for a while.

Today, my mission at work was to get one task completed. But so much crap got dumped on me I couldn't even do that. *sigh*. I guess I try again tomorrow...


Yvonne said:

I got a touch of sunstroke on sunday. Felt very very sick. Had to sleep most of the day.
Don't forget Mogo Zook breeds big cats fro Taronga. That's where the white tiger cubs were born.(And very cute they are too)

December 12, 2006 1:50 PM


kazza said:

oh sunstroke isn't good. I think I almost got it on Sunday, but I found a tap to stick my head under which cooled me down.

December 12, 2006 8:10 PM


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