Christmas and Proposals and Stuff :)

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So. Where to begin. Gosh.

Well, Friday night the boy arrived and we had a lovely dinner of kangaroo steaks and potato bake. The kangaroo was absolutely delicious, restaurant quality :)

Saturday we went to Luc and Cynthia's for a BBQ lunch. Was lovely to catch up with them, as hadn't seen them in ages. Also managed to get a parking spot in the shopping centre in about one minute, instead of the fifteen I allowed :) After lunch we did some Christmas shopping for the kids, and did a blitz walk-through of Ikea - I was looking for a lamp that I saw there last time, but they didn't have them this time, so that was a bit annoying. We had leftovers (kangaroo, sausage and potato) for dinner, and watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Sunday we trekked over to see Nana at her favourite restaurant. Meal was ok. And Nana shouted us so that was nice .. but only my parents came so didn't get to see any of the uncles.. oh well. Came home via Bunnings and bought a lamp - a bit more expensive and not quite the same as the Ikea one I'd liked, but it works well and now Stu has a decent reading light at my place :) Sunday night I started getting stressed at everything I still needed to do. I baked another batch of cookies, which Stu was suitably impressed with, and packaged them up for the various clans. Also wrapped the remaining presents while watching Carols by Candlelight.

After the carols finished, we went for a drive, and on the tranquil shores of Botany Bay, under city lights, and Christmas fairy lights from an apartment block above, Stu asked me to marry him and be his partner through life. I made him wait the few seconds til Christmas day to answer yes :) (ok so it wasn't quite the family tradition of proposing on New Year's Eve, but we were impatient :) ). We took some photos and I cried, then we came home and went to bed.

We decided not to go to church in the morning, for the simple reason that we wanted to avoid people making a fuss. That and we'd had a late night and we still hadn't packed, watered plants, fed fish, that sort of nonsense. So we did all that and went directly to the parents' for lunch. Mum of course wasn't fooled. She'd been *looking* for a ring. Flipping heck. Well I suppose at least we didn't have to announce it. But they did make the expected fuss. Gave Luc a call to let him and the entire Coates clan know, so that was an easy tell. Then D&Y turned up and they were suitably excited as well :) Much present opening followed. My biggest surprise was Airwolf season 1!! Which I didn't even know was on dvd yet! Then we had lunch (roast pork yumm), but unfortunately we couldn't hang around (which was disappointing because everyone was in a good mood and it was all very pleasant), as we then had to drive down to Yass. Where Annie had done a *delicious* roast turkey roll. More present opening for more kids, and I finally got Stu to open and play with his present heh. Finished the night with a game of scrabble with Rebecca and Alex, which I flipping won, which like so totally never happens - I hate scrabble! Beating Stu was quite bizarre too.

Which leaves us with today. Decided we needed a quiet day, so slept quite late, snuggled, and eventually got out to go get some food just before lunch time. But because we'd had a late breakfast, we went to Starbucks and played a game of chinese chess on their chess/checker table. It took quite a while, cause I'd never played, and all the symbols confused me for a while. But after a few good suggestions of moves from Stu, I ended up removing all his attacking pieces, so he conceded defeat. Totally unexpected outcome, given that we'd checked each other quite a few times during the game, and I was fully expecting to lose, it being my first game and all. Totally bizarre :) Did our food shopping and came home for a very late lunch of a delicious wrap Stu made. Followed by him painting tin soldiers and me working on my Titanic model. Then a late dinner of kangaroo steaks (same sort we had the other night, and just as delicious) and watched Total Recall.

There we go, all caught up. Phewf. :)
Good night! :)


Dave2 said:

I'd wish you congratulations, but I couldn't concentrate on anything you wrote after "kangaroo steaks." Which, I suppose is better than cute little koala bear steaks, but still... :-)

Much happiness to you both!

December 27, 2006 8:39 AM


CC said:

Wow! Congratulations!!!! My friends got engaged on the same day too!

Dave2, koalas are NOT bears! They're marsupials!! =)

December 29, 2006 8:14 PM


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