Batemans Bay

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So this morning. A *very* early start - read 6:30am (and I woke up at 6 urgh) - we hit the road and meandered our way to Moruya with Scott and Kerry to visit Stu's nana. The visit was not too painful for me because the family was so busy catching up with each other that noone asked me any direct questions - woot! Had a pleasant lunch there before heading back up to Batemans Bay where we checked into our rather nice apartment. Stu and I collpsed onto bed and slept quite soundly for an hour and a half. Then we got up and went on an adventure (ie, vague directions and no maps in the car) to find Myrtle Beach. Which we managed to find quite easily, much to our surprise. So spent an hour or so there, and it was exceedingly pleasant, and had almost the entire beach to ourselves, with only one other guy there. And a couple of kangaroos :) Then it was back here for a quiet evening and some thai for dinner (that we only had to wait 45min for hrmm). /me very sleepie now..

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