Tamborines and Gongs

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So this morning was pretty slow. Stu thought it would be nice to go for a drive in the fancy car, so we programmed Mt Tamborine into the satnav and away we went. We partly followed its directions and partly ignored them, chosing to go our own way :) On top of the mountain we looked at the view, watched some parasailers take off, and had lunch at The Polish Place - which was very nice, but my tummy was still unsettled so I didn't eat much. Next time I go I'll be hungry heh. Aside from the heat and the view, it was all very European, down to the music being played and the dacshund dogs after some bacon fat :)

Wandered back down the mountain and back out to Chay and David's. We watched Superman Returns before dinner, and Stick It over pizza. David gave me some yokult, which I'm hoping will replace all the good bacteria I destroyed over two nights of drinking... We shall see :)

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