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Spent a decent chunk of today (while watching Crackerjack and the Red Bull Air Race in Perth) just dusting down and putting away my Star Destroyer. Dusting is a huge pain, because it's not just dust - it's grime as well. The thing has been completed for two years now, and it's been sitting on my dining room table right next to the kitchen all that time. Which means it's gotten cooking grime on it :( So I have to essentially scrub each piece with a moist cloth and dry it. It's taking more time to disassemble it than to assemble it! Did the body section and one of the wings today.

I also cooked a delicious roast chicken and potato bake, with roast garlic that I finally got right. Made a nice change from a very vegetarian week of food :) Also went for a walk, which I haven't done in a while. Want to lose 5-10 kilos to be in the lower end of normal, instead of the upper end.

Also spent a big chunk of the weekend missing Stu and all the stuff he was getting up to on his weekend. Was missing the very act of him *being*. Hopefully we'll be living together before too long. That'll be nice.

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