Some days you lose, some days you win

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Some days you do both.

Had a pretty sucky week at work, not feeling very motivated at all. Friday it made me cry cause it was all just too hard.

Saturday was flying day. However we couldn't get a window seat cause the plane was full. And it was a glorious day, perfect for taking photos :( When we flew into Brisbane we came in from the city side instead of across the bay, which I've never done in daylight from the left side of the plane, so I don't have any photos, and the woman in the window seat sat there reading a book for the entire flight. It was The. Most. Frustrating. Thing. Ever. Far out I was pissed off.

The hire car we got has a satellite navigation system, so we used it to see what route it would take us on to Chay and David's. That was pretty funky, although not very clear with its instructions sometimes.

Made it out here and had a relaxing afternoon, followed by much alcohol, meat and singing. We're all feeling a little seedy this morning heh :)

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