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Had a fairly productive day. Got a bit of housework done, put up my Christmas lights in the study, caught up on some videos, started dusting and putting away my Star Destroyer, did up a 12-week cleaning roster, cooked an "interesting" dinner.

Miss Stu tho :(

And for a few photos...

First up we have the stuffed capsicum I made last monday night...


Followed by my "Pesto Veggies" dinner - mushrooms, capsicum and tomatoes fried in a little butter, with a few dollops of pesto thrown in. Mixed in with some wholegrain pasta and topped with cheese (I added more cheese after the photo was taken :) )


I really need to play some more with movement photos. These are my led lights taken at 1/8th second, while manually moving the zoom out. Strangely enough, in 1/8th of a second, you see 6 cycles of a 50Hz light, and six frames of movement.



trainman said:

Correct. Because LEDs are diodes, they are only on for half the time to start with, unless there is a bridge rectifier on their supply.

So what you see is 6.25 full cycles... Depending on where in the cycle you press the shutter, that will give you either 6 or 7 on cycles and 6 or 7 off cycles.

November 19, 2006 9:27 AM


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