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Came home today .. sigh ..

The yokult David gave me last night worked wonders. Felt instantly better, and was fine after that.

This morning Stu went into the city for work, and I drove out to the airport. Even though I thought I had left plenty of time, by the time I got delayed with slow traffic, having to get petrol, return the car, then trek down to the other end of the terminal and wait for security to check my bag, I made the plane with only about 7 minutes to spare! Yipe! That is so unlike me. So very stressful. Thank heavens for web check-in and not having check-on luggage!

I wish I'd discovered web check-in earlier. You can pick your seat online and print out your own boarding pass. Way cool. If I'd known that before Saturday I would have gotten that window seat. Although I might then have lost all the photos anyway - I seem to be missing one of my memory cards - I think it might have fallen out of my camera bag on the plane :( So I lost some pics from Saturday night, but also some mystery pics that I'm not sure what I took .. There was a missing week, and a total of 70 photos missing. Damned annoying.

Did some shopping on the way home, then got pissed off at the neighbours who seem to be opening the door deliberately to annoy me. I closed it three times this afternoon and within half an hour it was open again. At this rate I'll be removing the catch ...

Other than that, I did actually get the dusting and vacuuming done (the dusting done with my spiffy new FlyLady feather duster!), and cooked an "interesting" meal of capsicum stuffed with potato, cheese, tomato and garlic. Need to work on the timings of things tho.

Miss the boy.

Dreading going to work tomorrow :(

Pics tomorrow........


David said:

That is how the Chasers got away with having tickets on the Plane for Mr Al Kyder and Mr Terry Wrist.

It was hilarious listening to the "Final boarding call for Mr Al Kyder and Mr Terry Wrist".

November 14, 2006 11:00 PM


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