One up, two downs, with a partly up qualifier

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Caught up with John today, and gave him a hand ghosting a hard drive, which worked, and we were treated to a rather nice lunch (I had chicken and caesar salad), thanks Uncle Philips! :)

Then found out that somehow all my mail pre-August 22 has been deleted off the server. Which was upsetting and I am more than slightly pissed off about it. While I didn't actually *lose* any mail (I download it every night), I have lost about 200 emails that I hadn't read yet. They are lost because they were marked as "new" in my mail client on the server, and there's no way I will ever find those messages amongst my thousands of downloaded messages. About 2/3 of those really are messages I haven't read yet, and the other 1/3 are messages that I was leaving on the server so that I could get back to them because they were interesting/important/etc. Presumably they were removed due to space issues. But my mail file was 32mb before and it's down to 16mb now. Which is not huge in the grand scheme of things. Ben has very kindly said he'll have a look for them for me on backups on Monday, which will be awesome, but otherwise those messages will be gone forever :(

And finally, had another cia poker night. I came fourth in the end. It was very frustrating though, losing three big hands to Kirk. The first an ok hand to Kirk's three 6s. Then a winning pair to Kirk's three 7s. And finally two pair to Kirk's straight. Kirk played quite well though, um-ing and ah-ing and taking his time, when he had the three of a kind hands. He went on to win too, so good on him heh :) Had a fun time though, and a relatively early night yayy


James Messick said:

August?! Just let 'em go, man.

October 11, 2006 10:52 AM


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