I like long weekends

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Means I don't have to go to work tomorrow :)

We had a much better nights sleep last night, but still had a very slow morning. Eventually we wandered out the door and made a pilgramage to the fish shop, via lunch to Office Works and finally home four hours later heh :)

Spent the afternoon doing some general tidying of the house. Dinner was some fish and veggies that were very yummy.

Aside from some Star Trek we also watched Saltimbanco, and the final of The Worst Jobs in History. The finale worstest job was violin string makers - who had to gut sheep to get the intestines... was pretty icky :)

Have also been tackling a hexadecimal sudoku. Resorted to typing everything out in excel, because the squares in the paper are too teeny to fit up to 8 or 9 options for some of them. Am making slow progress on it. I'll be happy if I can complete it - I've only had the patience to complete one other, but that was a 2 star, this is 3 star. And of course if I stuff it up I'll be pretty pissed :)

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