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Had another very slow start today. Well actually I slept really well, it seems not waking up at all during the night - which *never* happens! After we finally got going, we headed out to Yass for lunch (chips and some insanely evil garlic creamed potatoes, and don't try and get money out in a small country town on a public holiday - Commonwealth: atm out of order, National: no atm, Westpac: no atm, St George: *finally* a working atm heh)

National Bank, Yass

Came home and tidied up the study significantly, and put on dinner (roast pork mmmmmmm)


And then had some fun photographing some flies....





Yvonne said:

In Yass (from memory) the Newsagent, and the Ampol have money outlets.

cool fly. Buzz buzz

October 2, 2006 10:52 PM


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