He's gone :(

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And so another lovely weekend draws to a close.

This morning we slept late again yayy. By the time we got out the door it was nearly lunch time. But this time we only went a couple of kilometres away to a pet store I haven't ever been to, even tho I live just up the road from it. I got a nifty decoration for my smallest tank - it doesn't have any lighting, so trying to keep plants alive in it is too hard, so fake things will have to do.

Patchy rain all day today. Mostly the rain patches fell over us while we were walking between stores. None from the pet store to the pide place for a pastrami pide for lunch, but then a bit on the way to the coffee shop, not much on the way to the supermarket, but then whole dumploads of it fell while we had the longest walk from the supermarket back to the car. And we didn't have wet weather gear :) oh well.

Quiet afternoon. Stu had a nap in preparation for his late night. We watched an episode of TNG season 3. And all afternoon the lamb slow roasted. And it was good. Was a pre-marinated thing we found in the supermarket. Also had some potatoes and garlic. I didn't actually get to carve the roast. It just disintegrated, so it was a case of take a couple of tong-fulls of meat :)

Then we just watched an episode of "The worst jobs in history", and then the boy left to go home :(:(:(:(


Javaira said:

Ouch, this long distance stuff is hard.

September 17, 2006 1:46 PM


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