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Busy day today.

Lunch at the parents' place. Yvonne was there which was good. She had to eat and run though, which Stu thought she'd be "devastated" about.. heh ;)
Played three games of 500 after lunch. Mum did a lose-all three games (you're a loser!). The best game was the last game where David and I staged a brilliant come-back from negative figures, and we won the last hand on an 8 diamonds call I made after Dad had called misere.

Then no sooner had I got home then it was out again to Alan and Marylon's for one of Alan's delicious beef stews... yummmmmmmmmmmmmm.... :)

And now it's off to talk to the boy and go to sleep :)


woosang said:

I was. :D BUT I do feel rude getting up and leaving. I didn't want to go as I KNEW I would have to leave early. Seemed silly. Ah well.

September 3, 2006 11:20 PM


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