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For some very strange reason I'm in a good mood.

This is despite getting only four hours sleep after getting to sleep at 4:30am from a party last night, J&G and L&L not turning up to church so me sitting all alone, not being able to sleep after church, and the Sunday night downness.

So I don't get it :)

The party last night was for Michael MD, who apparently turned 41 the same day I turned 33 and some other dude. Alison was djing so went along for her. I was fading badly for the first couple of hours, the curse of being a morning person, but picked up a bit when I put my ear plugs in and relaxed somewhat and danced a little bit. Was good catching up with Chris and Fi and Alison. Hadn't seen Fi since new years a year and a half ago, and she was very excited about Stu and saw his pic and thought he was very cute :) Definitely need to see more of Alison too.

This afternoon despite my tiredness I managed to declutter some of my "in trays" of crap, and felt much better after that. The plan of a clutter-free, organised home is slowly coming together.

I also cooked some wonderful lamb shanks I picked up at the butcher a few weeks ago. Gosh they were yummy. And some roast potatoes too. Stu has got some ideas for roasting potatoes, we'll try them out next weekend :)

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