I like Stu weekends....

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So where were we? Yesterday .. never quite got around to blogging....

Stu and I were having a lazy Saturday morning when the little brother called up and said did we want to use my Sizzler 25% off voucher this weekend. The problem being we couldn't do Sunday at all, they couldn't do Saturday night, and couldn't make it to our end of town for Saturday lunch. So we went out to meet them at their end of town :) As per usual I didn't get anywhere near my fair share of food, having a small stomach and all. I had some nice barramundi (although not quite as nice as Friday's $7 salmon :) ). But they did get me a wayyyyyy cool birthday present - the first two seasons of MacGyver on dvd - me a happy girl :) After lunch went with Yvonne to check out her work, and then via some pet stores and back home. Saturday night was just watching dvds of Star Trek and Toy Story 2.

This morning went to church for Rachel's baptism, followed by a lunch afterwards. Then came home to collapse for a while before heading out to Alan and Marylon's for dinner. Had a go at six-person hand bells (12 bells), which was pretty cool, although people kept forgetting where they were up to .. I was just following my sheet in front of me and didn't have too many problems. Needed someone not ringing to call numbers tho.. heh

Now just need to wait and hear if the boy made it home safely .....

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