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So the boy came up last night instead of tonight, so that we could go to Ikea sans-crowds today. Well the mission was considerably more successful for him than me, and he has credit card receipts to prove it. Me, I just scored half a dozen wine glasses for $5, and they're very nice, made in France even (as opposed to cheap glasses made in China which would have been much crappier). I also scored a fantastic salmon and vegetables dish for lunch for just $7!

On the way we meandered around Olympic Park, and I wanted to take some photos of the water feature that was the Olympic Flame that Cathy Freeman lit in 2000.

Olympic Park water feature

On the way back we went to Strictly Aquariums and Stu got four little tanks that he wants to use for killifish breeding.

This afternoon we drank peppermint tea while watching Star Trek, then had the most divine roast chicken and watched general bits and pieces on telly, including a bunch of Star Wars characters do this song (including Chewy on drums in apparently no synch whatsover with the sound) ...

Stu brought up some guppies, they're still alive... wonder how they'll be in the morning......


CC said:

Nice photo!! =)

August 12, 2006 12:49 PM


kazza said:

Thanks :):)

August 12, 2006 3:52 PM


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