A Roast of Epic Proportions

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Well that's what it was billed as. And indeed it was.

But to begin the weekend, a very pretty drive, as all the wattles along the route to Canberra are in bloom at the moment.

Saturday began with our usual sleep-in/snuggle, and then a trip to the markets to hunt and gather for The Roast. Got lots of stuff there. Then Annie and Stu and the kids came over for lunch. The kids were playing outside beautifully by themselves, and after they left we realised what they'd been up to - scattering Kleenex moist wipe thingies all over the yard. Yay. Had a siesta in the afternoon to recover from a poor nights sleep the night before. I can't even remember what we did last night, it was a bit of a blur....

Today was a very early start - read 8am - to get The Roast going. Spent all morning cooking and shopping and cooking and cleaning and cooking. Well ok, Stu did *most* of the cooking. I managed to do a nice gravy and a very brown-looking caramelised apple sauce, that at least tasted good, even if it didn't look good. Stu's roast pork, potatoes, leek and parsnip mash, honey sesame carrots, and crackling were all wonderful though, which was also the consensus of Damien and Mishi. It must have been good, because nobody felt the need to eat dessert afterwards :)

After cleaning up the mess we went over to Scott and Kerry's and watched part of Episode II on their swishy new tv, and then came back here in time to see the end of 60 minutes (depressing peak oil stuff) followed by a show on SBS about bacteria which was a bit more positive with the research into stuff like biogas and biodegradable plastic bags.

Me don't wanna go home :(


trainman said:

Haven't you heard Yvonne's rule? When kids are quiet, they are doing something naughty.

August 27, 2006 11:12 PM


woosang said:

Its not my rule. It is a rule learnt by every mother on the planet. If children are quiet it is one of the following...
1. The child has died
2. About to die by doing somthing very very dangerous.
3. Someone else will die or get injured doing something in cahoots with your child.
4. A pet will get hurt/let out
5. something horrible is happening to your room/walls/washing/carpet/yard.

If children are quiet be afraid!

August 27, 2006 11:50 PM


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