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I swear the rain follows me to Canberra. The last two times I've been here it's just rained and rained. Not that that's a bad thing, it just seems out of character with the city :)

Had a bit of a lazy day today. Woke up very early (the Curse of the Morning Person) and took ages to get back to sleep (although had a rather lovely dream about Stu when I eventually did :) ). Got up eventually and went to the farmers markets and got a bunch of fresh local produce. Then went to the poultry show next door and saw lots and lots of chickens and a few ducks. There was a dude there that made and sold chicken runs, and had some really sweet chickens. We wanted to take one of them home on the spot. She was quite content to sit on our hands, and even on the dude's hat. Very cool :)

Came home and had some lunch and then an afternoon siesta before going over to Mishi's for a *wonderful* lamb roast, it was just divine.

And suddenly it's 11:30.. How'd that happen? :)

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